Short instruction about how to start working with Intui Fleet

Tip: to one Vehicle you can add multiple Routes.
Vehicle with its route can be cloned - to get new one Vehicle car with the same routes.
And then you a little edit a new Vehicle and routes.
It's also possible to clone the routes.

For what it needs?

Example: you have a sedan and minivan. Both can serve the same route list. Fill Sedan and its routes with the instructions. Clone the Vehicle. And then all of the text instructions in routes will be the same in the new Vehicle. Change the sedan photo to photo minivans and other fields. And correct the latest prices for the routes of the minivan. Instructions have no need to change! This saves time.

Transfer types - differences


How to quick add your fleet to Intui system


OR take a look at our step-by-step instructions below:

1. Create your first vehicle.
    If your vehicle is already created, check the Paragraph 2 below

- Fill-out all the required fields

- Plus the NEW field, which is "Max number of cars of that model in your park":
  add the amount of your vehicles for the model you have:

Why do you need to fill-out that NEW field?

The reason is that it will be a possibility in the system to offer like to a group of 7 people for example 2 vehicles of that model (from 1 to 4 PAX)

Adding routes with prices

2. Add a new route

- Fill-out all the necessary information about new route for your vehicle

- Clone that route:

- If you provide your transfer service for a several transport network nodes (Airport/Port/Train station), add these Airports and train stations as routes for your vehicle as well

- Fill-out all the necessary information and make clones (copies) of the routes from the transport network nodes

Making clones (copies) of the vehicles with prices

3. Vehicles tab

- If you have a big Fleet of cars of different models & brands, on the basis of the already added vehicle with routes you can create (clone) a new vehicle, just by clicking on the “Clone the vehicle with prices” button:

- Clone your vehicle with OR without prices

- If you made a clone with prices, so for the new cloned vehicle just change/edit the model name, photo, year of manufacture and etc.

- Click on the “Save and send for checking” button

Quick prices editing (+/-) for clone-made vehicle with prices

4.1. If it is important to edit your prices for ALL the routes, just click on the “Up/down all prices at the vehicle” and add more OR less percentage:

4.2. If you made a clone of the car without prices - add all the prices for each route

4.3. While adding your prices to the routes, do not forget to include Intui's % commission fee

Tips & hints

- You can always change or edit the information about your vehicles, routes & price in your Personal Account

- You don’t need to create 2 vehicles of the same model, it is better to create & add different Fleet of models/brands and offer it in the system for the clients

- After automatically created vehicle with automatically edited prices, you can always change your prices for each route and add the details you needed.

- Pay your attention, the more routes you provide with prices – the more routes will be on sale for the customers.  Only the routes with prices will be on sale.   Add more routes with prices and receive great sales.


How to quickly add vehicles of different capacities?

How to add vehicles for different transport hubs?

Meeting points


Vehicle unavailability settings
option “unavailability settings”"

In your Personal account you can set the dates or periods when the vehicle won’t be at service.

It can be necessary due to:

- vehicle breakdown
- overloading with bookings
- vehicle seasonality
- service in different locations

See a short video instruction.

Or read the following instruction:

Just go to the “Vehicles” tab


In “Actions” click on “Unavailability settings”:


*the option is only applied to the vehicles with rated routes

After clicking this option you will see a calendar with “Single” and “Period” sections.

- in “Single” section choose the dates when the vehicle can not be provided:


- in “Period” section choose a period of time while the vehicle is unavailable:


- when the car is available for transfers again, delete the marked dates by clicking the trashcan icon opposite the irrelevant dates:



Also, you can set the seasonality of the vehicle when it is served alternately in summer and winter months or busy/slow seasons (for busier season you may have the same car with higher rates).

We suggest step by step instruction for such cases:

1 choose a car for editing with summer prices
2 make winter months unavailable (or a period)
3 create a clone of the vehicle with prices
4 for the new vehicle change rates as for winter
5 for the new vehicle make summer months (or a period) unavailable


 How to quickly edit your routes

filtration feature


In your Personal profile you can select the necessary routes for:
- updating the prices of the active routes 
- setting the prices for the routes without prices
- returning the deleted routes back to sale
- delete or pause routes of one or more transport hubs
- editing prices for a group of routes from a transport hub
- quickly searching and editing one route from the list 
Follow this instruction:
To find the routes without prices - go to “Vehicles” section:
Choose a vehicle and go to the list of routes:
Just click the “Not filled” filter. There are all inactive routes in the filter. You can assign the prices to them or remove irrelevant routes to the basket.


Or update the prices for "Active" routes:
And finally, return the routes from the basket with "In the basket" filter.To do this, go to routes “in the basket”, tick all routes and restore them with the appropriate button.
Use a special filter, to work with a group of routes with one or more transport hubs. Select 1 or more transport hubs that you want to edit from the drop-down list. Click the button " Filter"
Select all or several routes by ticking a check mark
Delete the routes to the basket or pause them.
Or use the buttons  "+ / -" to indicate the percentage by which you want to increase or decrease prices. Click the button “Apply”
The prices will be changed only on routes that you select in the filter.
You can find one or more routes by name of the resort/area.
To do this, enter the required name in the search box, select it from the drop-down list and click the button "Filter”
If you know the number of the route: enter the number in the search box and select it from the drop-down list. Click the button “Filter”
Also you may use  Smile  filtration. Then  make any actions  with selected routes.
Option for Suppliers using night tariffs
If you apply a surcharge for night transfers, you can set the details both at vehicle and route levels.
For applying night surcharge to all the routes of the car follow the instruction:
choose the necessary car at "Vehicles" tab:
go to editing page
then put a tick beside the "Do you apply extra cost for night tariffs?" field
set the period of the night tariff
choose the type of surcharge
- additional % to the day price - mark the percent (including Intui. travel Fee)
- fixed surcharge to the day price - mark the amount and currency (including Intui. travel Fee)
The same way you can set the details for each route separately, by going to the editing page

How to set up prices on routes quickly using Price Wizard?

The automatic Price Wizard system allows you to selectively create routes and set prices for a large number of routes in minutes

Price Wizard is available in the vehicle settings and on the route list

Short video tutorial (23 min)

1. Create a vehicle base.
Use the search engine to select the location of the vehicle base, enter the name of the base and click save

2. Select convenient units and specify service area restrictions (minimum and maximum distance)
The currency is taken automatically from your profile

3 Select principles for Price forming. In automatic mode, the price will be set for new routes automatically according to your settings and immediately available to the customer for booking.
In manual mode, you will need to track new routes and set prices for new routes yourself.

4. Set the service cost by assigning distance points and their corresponding prices (including Intui Commission) and check the price chart.

5.  Check the correct price settings visually and using the price calculator, just set the values of one of the routes and compare the result with your cost

6.  Select the transport hubs that you serve and where to create routes and/or set prices from the list

7.  Click " Create missing routes for selected transport hubs and set prices”

For more information go to vehicles settings and special tips https://fleet.intui.travel/en/cars/

How to assign for auto different prices for different periods?

Are you using a Special rate for the weekend transfer?
Do you have a higher rate on weekend, holidays , High Season or plan to set up the sales prices on certain days , period at Low season ?
To optimize the sales and increase your profit,  set up the Rules
For Option A, you can set prices as a percentage by day of the week:
And in Option B, reduce or increase the percentage on specific days or range of days:

Settings from Option A and B work separately. Their results do not combine. If both block a and Option B are set on the same date , the settings from Option B will be applied.

Set up the rules for the just simply click in your account https://fleet.intui.travel/en/cars/ and amend the settings at the vehicle page.

It is very important to control the relevance of prices for your routes.

You can not decline any order for reasons of the wrong price is unacceptable according to the agreement
Work with emoticons. Batch processing
You will find a special filter on the web page.
Tap to the red smiley to display a list of routes with inflated prices.
Tick the routes that need to reduce prices, specify the percentage of reduction and click "Apply”
Check the prices.
Please note! Your prices must include % Intui commission.
Edit the routes manually. Click on the pencil, set the new amount of the price and press "confirm price"
Click on the colored smiley to see all the routes

The tab users. How to distribute access rights to information and actions in The personal account?
Multi-user Account at Intui.travel gives your company the ability to add managers, delegate tasks and differentiate the rights of access to information and actions
Due to different roles, working with profile and auto settings, finances, orders is now easier and safer: each employee will have his own login data, which will give them access to a certain piece of information and can only perform actions authorized by assigned role.
You can choose Roles for users according to their functionality
- Administrator
ALL rights will be available for the administrator : access to the profile, reports / orders, editing of roles for other added users.
- Order Manager
Can accept / decline orders, amend orders.
CAN NOT edit the profile and manage Users / Requisites
Does not see the Payments tab.
- Account manager
Can create, edit Vehicles and Routes, can accept / decline orders.
CAN NOT edit the profile and manage Users / Requisites.
Does not see the Payments tab
- Viewer
Sees only the Orders and Reviews tabs.
Can view orders.
CAN NOT edit the profile and manage Users / Requisites, Vehicles, Routes, accept or decline orders.
Does not see the Payments tab
- Top Manager
Can create, edit Vehicles and Routes, can accept / decline orders.
Can edit the profile, despite the Requisites for payment
Sees the Payments tab
- IT specialist
Has access to the section API (coming soon), but does not have access to the profile
How to add Users:
Add a new user in your  personal account
Specify the email and user's name. Select the user's Role.
Send the invitation link to the User
You can create any number of users you want to - there are no limits. Activate and deactivate them at any time.
To edit the user, click on their Name
Edit the user's e-mail, name or role. Activate or deactivate the user
How to get more orders?
The more attractive your prices are and the more models of cars and routes you offer to the clients, the more likely a client will choose your transfer.
There are some steps to increase your sales:
Step 1. Check the payment scheme and make your choice on the "Scheme 1 and Scheme 2" option:
If you switch to the “Scheme 1&2”, the clients (who are trying to pay themselves) can pay on the spot upon arrival to you as well. Travel agencies will be able to make payment in 100% amount online in the system and traveller (client of travel agencies) will not pay upon arrival.
Step 2. Set Up prices for all the routes that you provide
Only routes with the prices shown in the system
If you didn't find a relevant route, please, download table, fill it and send to us at Supply@intui.travel
To set prices on routes quickly for many routes via Price Wizard
Step 3. Add all available models and types of vehicles

The more different vehicles and routes you add - the more of your offers will be available for clients
Instructions for quick filling of the  fleet below:
Step 4. Check and adjust your prices in comparison with the prices of competitors by instruction
Set up the rules for your prices for high and low sales periods, for weekend or Holiday
Step 5. Set up the cost of the extra hour, child car seat setting, and additional services in the vehicle settings
It is also important to provide the client with a choice of payment transfer: either full payment (Scheme 1), or to the driver (Scheme 2). Option “Scheme 1 & Scheme 2” is available in your Personal Account and will increase the number of orders
Step 6. Offer vehicles with smaller capacity for transfers, as an economy type of transfer to the customers https://fleet.intui.travel/en/cars/
Click the button Make a clone with price of sedan with capacity of 1-4 passengers
Change the capacity of the vehicle to 2 passenger seats and 2 luggage places
Specify in the note that it’s a vehicle for two passengers. For example: 1-2
Set on the routes for this vehicle, for example -20%, using the buttons “ + / - " and click  Apply
Step 7. Provide more information about the meeting, your contact center, and drivers
Specify information about the meeting point of the customers in the instructions of the vehicle, whether the meeting with the Nameplate is included https://fleet.intui.travel/en/cars/
You can offer customers two types of transfer:  with Meet & Greet and without Meet & Greet ( as an economy option) just cloning the vehicles and setting up it.
Attach the Meeting point Scheme for each transportation HUB https://fleet.intui.travel/en/meeting_point/
Tick the box that your company provides 24/7 customer support https://fleet.intui.travel/en/info/
Update information on what languages your driver speaks in the vehicle card https://fleet.intui.travel/en/cars/
Vehicles that have detailed information about the client's meeting and with full contact information look much more attractive to customers among the other offers.
Step 8. Check, analyze the reviews. Customers see your rating and reviews of your company next to your vehicle  and choose the transfer with good ones
Appealing Proofs Requirement
quickly searching and editing one route from the list 
quickly searching and editing one route from the list
quickly searching and editing one route from the list
Instructions for quick filling of the  fleet below: