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register and sell
via the global travel system of transfers


only for companies
with licenses for passenger transportation



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"I am very happy to work with you, I very pleased with your organization"
Maria,'Transfers Team Lda', Albufeira - Portugal




"Thank you so very much for help and cooperation! Another proof that it was a great idea to start working with you. 







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We approve to Intui travel fleet:

Transport companies that aspire to become better,
doing everything for customers to be satisfied,
and are constantly looking to innovate, to accomplish the best customer expectations

Requirements for companies:

- It has the necessary license to operate for passengers

- have experience in tourist transfer services

- with its own fleet (not less than 3 vehicles)

- your fleet of cars includes vehicles not older than 7 years for sedans, 10 years for minivans, 15 years for Bus

- vehicles meet safety and quality standards in the place of its operation

- the company meets the requirements established by the legislation at the location and / or activities in the area of services of transportation of passengers, is legal and legitimate activities

- has a valid contract of liability insurance carrier for transportation of harm to life, health and property of passengers

- available for communication by telephone, Skype, e-mail the responsible persons 24 hours a day every day of the week to deal with urgent operational issues

- acceptance of agreement for selling your transfers is obligatory


Following the standards:

- The driver observes the everyday clothing business style

- The driver must meet the client with a sign or you should have company desk in the arrival hall of the airport

- The driver must offer help with luggage to customer

- The driver speak to the client with respect, behave tactfully, without imposing a conversation

- There are should not be a taxi infographics on the car

- The vehicle should be free of visible defects and clean both inside and outside

- Smoking is not allowed in the car

- You should have the ability to arrange delegation transfers







I am a driver with my own car, can I join Fleet.Intui.travel?


You can join Fleet.Intui.travel only if you represent a transport company with your own car park of two and more vehicles, and if you have the license/permission for passengers transportation on the territory of your country


Is there a charge for registering at Fleet.Intui.travel?
Registration at Fleet.Intui.travel is absolutely free for you

How will I receive orders?
To your email, and they are also always available in your Personal Account

Does Intui apply commission?
Intui.travel takes a commission only from paid and confirmed orders, so the commission must be included in the cost of your transfers

I provided the service. When will I receive payment?
It all depends by which of the 2 payment schemes the order was placed:
Scheme 1 - client pays 100% of the transfer price online. Intui transfers you the Net cost after successful execution of the Order at the end of the reporting month
Detailed information about the payment by Scheme 1 is here
Scheme 2 - the client pays Intui Fee on the website and you get your Net cost from the client on the day of the transfer
You can choose the Scheme for selling your transfers

How do I get more orders?
The more attractive your prices are and the more models of cars and routes you offer to the clients, the more likely that the clients will choose your transfer. Also, remember that additional features of the car (free Wi-Fi, phone charger, photos of interior and driver) are preferred for clients when choosing the necessary car
It is also important to provide the client with a choice of payment transfer: either full payment (Scheme 1), or to the driver (Scheme 2). Option “Scheme 1 & Scheme 2” is available in your Personal Account and will increase the number of orders

I still have questions what should I do?
You will find detailed answers to many questions and a clear demonstration of how the Personal account works at Instructions & tips 
If you still have not found the answer to your question, contact us at Supply@intui.travel or add us on Skype: Intui.Support_7 - we will be glad to help you

register and sell
via the global travel system of transfers