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We’ve recently added a new feature to your personal account. Drivers tab can help you manage, assign, add and delete drivers with ease!

Now you don’t need to manually put in a driver for each order, but you can simply choose one out of a prepared list.

Also, you can assign a driver a vehicle from your fleet, so it can be assigned automatically.

Check it out here!


How to use it:

1) Go you your personal account and then click the Drivers tab and select Add driver:
Drivers tab

2) A window with blank fields will pop up:
Empty driver settings window

3) Fill in all blank fields. With this new feature, you can easily change all information about the drives. From their name, to their phone number, email, profile photo and which cars in your fleet you wish them to assign to:

Fields “driver name” and “driver phone” number are obligatory! The driver profile won’t save unless they’re filled.

Filled driver settings window

4) To edit driver’s information, click the edit button:
Edit driver

5) And after you've added a driver or several drivers, you can now assign the driver at the order page for an upcoming order:
Choosing a driver for an order:


Using this new function will not only make your work easier, but will lower the probability of complaints due to timely driver assignment. 

And our major partners only choose transfer companies that have their drivers set ahead of the transfer! To retain the sales from them, using this feature is vital.

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