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Glad to inform you that Intui has launched and now offers an API for carrier companies.
We will be happy to offer you to make an implementation with API. Your offers will be shown at Intui marketplace at its affiliate network.
API In for suppliers

Intui API integration is suitable for you if:

API-orders Integration of Fleet.Intui.travel system will allow you to:  
Sell through API private transfers and shuttle bus transfers for buyers: +6600 Travel agencies in 113 countries
All types of transfers from Airports, Railway stations, Bus stations, Ports, as well as between Cities
Set up and manage offers and prices on your side, and they will be shown in our network of partners in real time
Provide transfers in all directions that you have in your system
Additionally sell child car seats for selected cars
Present your car (offer)  with your chips: the languages spoken by the driver, the transportation of Ski equipment is available, the driver in a suit, etc.
Sell transfers with your Cancellation Rules, Advance booking time
Send to the client via API instructions for meeting/departure, information on the designated driver and car
Get the list of your orders from the Intui system via the API
Receive new orders in your system with detailed transfer details
Confirm/decline new orders via API
Receive new details for orders with amendments with the possibility of confirming/declination changes
Receive information about canceled orders


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