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The checkbox  “Ferry, Bridge or Tollroad: included in the price” has been added to the route settings.
What is it and what is it for?

It’s easy. There are special routes, for example to the islands, or across the strait on a toll bridge.

Transfer with ferry tickets

If you have set the price for the route ( that includes a toll road, bridge passage, or ferry crossing) and you have count these costs into the price, then just leave a tick in  the checkbox

Ferry or tollroad included

Then customers will be able to see that ferry tickets/ toll road/bridge passage are included in the transfer price and there won’t be any additional charges for a transfer.

Ferry or bridge or tollroad included

If you haven’t count these costs into the price. For example: if the cost of the ferry ticket depends on the quantity of passengers on the ferry. Then uncheck the checkbox, and specify in the additional info which extra charges will be required.

Ferry or tollroad not included

Extra charges for ferry tickets

 ❗ Very Important! If you do NOT remove the checkmark from the checkbox, then you will NOT be able to take an additional payment from the client for the ferry, toll road, or bridge passage.
Therefore, it is necessary to check all special routes and remove the checkmark if this part of the cost is not counted into the price.

Be informed.
Most of the major travel agencies of Intui choose “All-inclusive”, so "Ferry, bridge or toll road: included in the price" when searching for a transfer. That’s made in order to avoid surcharges for the customers.
Therefore, to count the cost of the ferry or toll road in the total price and do not uncheck this checkbox.

You can check the checkbox in the settings of specific routes for each vehicle. To do this, go to your personal account https://fleet.intui.travel/en/cars/, to the list of routes, and then through the search, find this route and edit it.

For any questions on the settings, you can contact supply@intui.travel