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Now clients can filter their research with different measures.

Filter transfer search Intui

And it means that each extra feature you add can help to increase the quantity of orders.

How does it work?

Now, when customers will visit Intui website or Partner site

For example:  https://en.intui.travel/transfer-from-antalya-airport-to-ovacik-kemer/

They will be able to set the research in accordance with their preferences (extra features) Such as Wi-fi, Free water, child seats etc.

Next, the filter will remove other offers that do not fit with the customer request.

In the customer page there will remain only the offers which are suitable to the customer request.

Therefore now, the results after research not only depend on the price but also from the added value of your service.

What does that give?

For example, you can add economy class with low price or business class with a variety of extra services. Each type of tourist will see the option they are interested in

Think, which kind of features you can provide for the customer? Add them in your settings in two steps

  1. Check the availability and conditions for the provision of child seats
    child car seat settings Intui
    According to statistics, 20% of tourists are travelling with children. It’s important for them to have the child seat.
  2. Check the box next to the additional service
    Extra serviece Checkboxes


All vehicle settings should be actual and correct.

If the provided service does not match the declared one, your company will be charged a penalty.

Filling in the fields will take no more than 2 minutes!

For setup questions, please contact  supply@intui.travel