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How to quickly edit your routes

How to quickly edit your routes

filtration feature


In your Personal profile you can select the necessary routes for:
- updating the prices of the active routes 
- setting the prices for the routes without prices
- returning the deleted routes back to sale
- delete or pause routes of one or more transport hubs
- editing prices for a group of routes from a transport hub
- quickly searching and editing one route from the list 
Follow this instruction:
To find the routes without prices - go to “Vehicles” section:
Choose a vehicle and go to the list of routes:
Just click the “Not filled” filter. There are all inactive routes in the filter. You can assign the prices to them or remove irrelevant routes to the basket.


Or update the prices for "Active" routes:
And finally, return the routes from the basket with "In the basket" filter.To do this, go to routes “in the basket”, tick all routes and restore them with the appropriate button.
Use a special filter, to work with a group of routes with one or more transport hubs. Select 1 or more transport hubs that you want to edit from the drop-down list. Click the button " Filter"
Select all or several routes by ticking a check mark
Delete the routes to the basket or pause them.
Or use the buttons  "+ / -" to indicate the percentage by which you want to increase or decrease prices. Click the button “Apply”
The prices will be changed only on routes that you select in the filter.
You can find one or more routes by name of the resort/area.
To do this, enter the required name in the search box, select it from the drop-down list and click the button "Filter”
If you know the number of the route: enter the number in the search box and select it from the drop-down list. Click the button “Filter”
Also you may use  Smile  filtration. Then  make any actions  with selected routes.
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