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Improve the passenger experience with Intui's new airport transfer tracking service.

airport transfer tracking service for passengers
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         Intui introduces an airport transfer tracking service that will provide your passengers with even more comfortable journeys. The service is a user-friendly booking page" that displays the vehicle's departure to the pick-up location, the passenger's embarkation, and the vehicle's movement on the map and arrival at the pick-up location. This approach allows passengers to track their journey in real time and stay informed of its status.

Easy access to the service from any device.

         The main advantage of the service is its ease of use and direct interaction with your drivers. Each order card now contains a link and QR code to the tracking service, providing your drivers with quick access to sending the necessary information about the fulfillment of the airport transfer. Once a driver has been assigned to fulfill an order, send them the link so they can log into the service. If the driver is replaced, the new link is automatically sent to the new driver via the selected communication channel: SMS, WhatsApp or email.

The driver sends notifications about the trip status.

         In addition, the driver is obliged to send notifications to passengers about the status of the order fulfillment. This is very easy to do with special quick message selection buttons. Thus, travellers will always be informed and will be able to enjoy their trip carefreely.

         Note that the tracking service window is solely meant to inform about the status of the journey and does not contain any advertisements or brand marks. The absence of advertising and external visual elements makes the service window as functional and easy to use as possible, which improves the overall experience of travellers and allows them to feel more comfortable and confident while travelling.

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