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Can I sell at a discount? How do I get more orders for the low season?

In the Intui system, you can assign discounts/surcharges for certain periods or dates. For this we introduced the price calendar

You can specify a discount on weekdays or for low season. Then customers will see it when booking

discount for client

This may attract new customers to book transfer for the specified period

If you specify a surcharge, the price will be increased for the specified period, but the surcharge will not be specified visually

To optimize the sales and increase your profit,  set up the Rules

For Option A, you can set prices as a percentage by day of the week:

discount transfers

And in Option B, reduce or increase the percentage on specific days or range of days:

Settings from Option A and B work separately. Their results do not combine. If both block a and Option B are set on the same date , the settings from Option B will be applied.

Set up the rules for the just simply click in your account https://fleet.intui.travel/en/cars/ and amend the settings at the vehicle page.

It is very important to control the relevance of prices for your routes.

You can not decline any order for reasons of the wrong price is unacceptable according to the agreement

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