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How to quick add your fleet to Intui system?

How to quick add your fleet to Intui system


OR take a look at our step-by-step instructions below:

1. Create your first vehicle.
    If your vehicle is already created, check the Paragraph 2 below

- Fill-out all the required fields

- Plus the NEW field, which is "Max number of cars of that model in your park":
  add the amount of your vehicles for the model you have:

Why do you need to fill-out that NEW field?

The reason is that it will be a possibility in the system to offer like to a group of 7 people for example 2 vehicles of that model (from 1 to 4 PAX)

Adding routes with prices

2. Add a new route

- Fill-out all the necessary information about new route for your vehicle

- Clone that route:

- If you provide your transfer service for a several transport network nodes (Airport/Port/Train station), add these Airports and train stations as routes for your vehicle as well

- Fill-out all the necessary information and make clones (copies) of the routes from the transport network nodes

Making clones (copies) of the vehicles with prices

3. Vehicles tab

- If you have a big Fleet of cars of different models & brands, on the basis of the already added vehicle with routes you can create (clone) a new vehicle, just by clicking on the “Clone the vehicle with prices” button:

- Clone your vehicle with OR without prices

- If you made a clone with prices, so for the new cloned vehicle just change/edit the model name, photo, year of manufacture and etc.

- Click on the “Save and send for checking” button

Quick prices editing (+/-) for clone-made vehicle with prices

4.1. If it is important to edit your prices for ALL the routes, just click on the “Up/down all prices at the vehicle” and add more OR less percentage:

4.2. If you made a clone of the car without prices - add all the prices for each route

4.3. While adding your prices to the routes, do not forget to include Intui's % commission fee

Tips & hints

- You can always change or edit the information about your vehicles, routes & price in your Personal Account

- You don’t need to create 2 vehicles of the same model, it is better to create & add different Fleet of models/brands and offer it in the system for the clients

- After automatically created vehicle with automatically edited prices, you can always change your prices for each route and add the details you needed.

- Pay your attention, the more routes you provide with prices – the more routes will be on sale for the customers.  Only the routes with prices will be on sale.   Add more routes with prices and receive great sales.


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