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Use the new messenger for effective communication with passengers.

Reliable service for connecting drivers and passengers

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         Intui.travel is pleased to introduce a new messenger designed to improve communication between passengers, dispatchers and drivers of airport transfers. This tool will provide a reliable service and will be available a few hours before the start of the journey. The messenger allows you to exchange text messages, photos and images, and make calls via various apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat. This will allow your drivers to provide a high level of customer service and will improve the transport company's rating.

Provide convenience to your passengers even before the journey begins.

        With the new messenger, your drivers will be able to easily contact passengers and help them find a travelling airport transfer. This service allows you to quickly and conveniently inform about flight delays as well as coordinate a pick-up location. Reliable service is ensured through instant communication capability, preventing instances where the passenger cannot find their driver or the driver cannot find the passenger.

Fulfill the privacy policy on the use of customer contact details.

        We draw your attention to the important rules of using our new messenger. Remember that neither you nor your contractor are authorized to send the client (passenger) messages, images of advertising nature or any other not related to the order. Any customer contact may be used solely for the fulfillment of the order. Violation may result in a fine for your company of up to 50000EUR.

Enhance your company's rating by providing a high level of service.

        Our new messenger will become a tool for your transport company to quickly and conveniently solve any issues related to the journey. With its help, your drivers will be able to interact effectively with passengers and provide a high level of service. The implementation of our new messenger will not only provide reliable service for passengers, but will also help drivers to fulfil orders faster and better. This way, customers will be able to leave more positive feedback on the Intui website, thus increasing the rating of your transport company.

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