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Transfer types - differences


This is a group type of transfer.
Your bus travels according to a certain schedule and route with several stops. According to which passengers are boarding
Payment is made for passenger seats on the bus. You need to specify the fare for 1 passenger.
You can specify the rates for an adult and a child.
The number of passengers corresponds to the number of reserved seats on the bus.
You can replenish the bus with third-party passengers (direct your customers or reservations not through Intui)
Shuttles are allowed on Minibuses and buses.

Private transfer

Here the customer books the service, paying for ALL the car.
You need to specify the cost of the transfer taking into account the maximum capacity of the car (passengers and luggage)
Even if there are fewer passengers in the booking than seats in the car, the cost of the transfer will not change.
Boarding of third-party passengers in Intui booking (not Intui customers) is not allowed, even if there are empty seats
All types of cars are allowed: sedan, minivan, minibus, bus