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Vehicle unavailability settings

Vehicle unavailability settings
option “unavailability settings”

In your Personal account you can set the dates or periods when the vehicle won’t be at service.

It can be necessary due to:

- vehicle breakdown
- overloading with bookings
- vehicle seasonality
- service in different locations

See a short video instruction.

Or read the following instruction:

Just go to the “Vehicles” tab


In “Actions” click on “Unavailability settings”:


*the option is only applied to the vehicles with rated routes

After clicking this option you will see a calendar with “Single” and “Period” sections.

- in “Single” section choose the dates when the vehicle can not be provided:


- in “Period” section choose a period of time while the vehicle is unavailable:


- when the car is available for transfers again, delete the marked dates by clicking the trashcan icon opposite the irrelevant dates:



Also, you can set the seasonality of the vehicle when it is served alternately in summer and winter months or busy/slow seasons (for busier season you may have the same car with higher rates).

We suggest step by step instruction for such cases:

1 choose a car for editing with summer prices
2 make winter months unavailable (or a period)
3 create a clone of the vehicle with prices
4 for the new vehicle change rates as for winter
5 for the new vehicle make summer months (or a period) unavailable