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Now you have another opportunity to emphasise of customers to your offers

Our clients and partners can amply see all the available discounts for the period they are interested in.

discount for client

What is it for?

Buyers primarily pay attention to discount offers. This allows the carrier to stand out favourably among other offers.

Also, discounts encourage customers to use/book the service during the promotion period, without additional search for a better price and reduces the decision-making period.

That means, if you set a discount for a certain period / days, you can increase sales for this period. For example, to close the free days with new orders and/or maintain the level of sales outside the season

How to do it?

You can set up discounts on transfers for a day/period/season in the vehicle settings in the price calendar

discount or surchardes dates

You can find more information about setting up the calendar in the instruction

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