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How to get more orders?

How to get more orders?
The more attractive your prices are and the more models of cars and routes you offer to the clients, the more likely a client will choose your transfer.
There are some steps to increase your sales:
Step 1. Check the payment scheme and make your choice on the "Scheme 1 and Scheme 2" option:
If you switch to the “Scheme 1&2”, the clients (who are trying to pay themselves) can pay on the spot upon arrival to you as well. Travel agencies will be able to make payment in 100% amount online in the system and traveller (client of travel agencies) will not pay upon arrival.
Step 2. Set Up prices for all the routes that you provide
Only routes with the prices shown in the system
If you didn't find a relevant route, please, download table, fill it and send to us at Supply@intui.travel
To set prices on routes quickly for many routes via Price Wizard
Step 3. Add all available models and types of vehicles

The more different vehicles and routes you add - the more of your offers will be available for clients
Instructions for quick filling of the  fleet below:
Step 4. Check and adjust your prices in comparison with the prices of competitors by instruction
Set up the rules for your prices for high and low sales periods, for weekend or Holiday
Step 5. Set up the cost of the extra hour, child car seat setting, and additional services in the vehicle settings
It is also important to provide the client with a choice of payment transfer: either full payment (Scheme 1), or to the driver (Scheme 2). Option “Scheme 1 & Scheme 2” is available in your Personal Account and will increase the number of orders
Step 6. Offer vehicles with smaller capacity for transfers, as an economy type of transfer to the customers https://fleet.intui.travel/en/cars/
Click the button Make a clone with price of sedan with capacity of 1-4 passengers
Change the capacity of the vehicle to 2 passenger seats and 2 luggage places
Specify in the note that it’s a vehicle for two passengers. For example: 1-2
Set on the routes for this vehicle, for example -20%, using the buttons “ + / - " and click  Apply
Step 7. Provide more information about the meeting, your contact center, and drivers
Specify information about the meeting point of the customers in the instructions of the vehicle, whether the meeting with the Nameplate is included https://fleet.intui.travel/en/cars/
You can offer customers two types of transfer:  with Meet & Greet and without Meet & Greet ( as an economy option) just cloning the vehicles and setting up it.
Attach the Meeting point Scheme for each transportation HUB https://fleet.intui.travel/en/meeting_point/
Tick the box that your company provides 24/7 customer support https://fleet.intui.travel/en/info/
Update information on what languages your driver speaks in the vehicle card https://fleet.intui.travel/en/cars/
Vehicles that have detailed information about the client's meeting and with full contact information look much more attractive to customers among the other offers.
Step 8. Check, analyze the reviews. Customers see your rating and reviews of your company next to your vehicle  and choose the transfer with good ones
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