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How to confirm that the order has been completed?

When meeting a client, the driver must take the client's voucher or save a photo of the voucher with a QR code / PIN code

For example:
QR code and PIN code for order confirmation Intui

There are two ways to confirm the completion of an order segment:

1 If your driver has access to your personal account / is logged in to your personal account
Then the driver/representative of the company must scan the QR code from the customer's voucher and follow the link.
After that, the segment will automatically take the status of completed
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To read the Intui QR code, you do not need to download and install a special program or buy equipment. It is necessary to read the QR code through the phone's camera and follow the link that opens.

2 . If your driver/company representative does not have access to the Personal Account.
Then the driver must pass the PIN code to the operational manager who has access to your Intui account
Next, your manager needs to go to the order https://fleet.intui.travel/en/orders/
Press the orange button for the corresponding segment
Intui order complited
Enter the PIN from the customer's voucher and click send
Pin code for order confirmation Intui


You can set up access for drivers in your Intui Personal Account.
For this, the User type was specially added - Driver
The driver can confirm the completion of the order via a QR code, as well as see the orders. This will make it easier to track your order.
At the same time, the driver does not have access to your settings and payment details.

How to properly configure driver access, see instruction

What is a QR code for?

1 Guarantee against receipt of claims for NOT MEETING the client. As soon as the driver clicked on the QR code and entered the verification code. We see that the client provided a voucher to the driver, which means he used the transfer service
2 Guarantee that you have chosen the right Intui client. The QR code is available only to the client who paid for the order. When checking the voucher, it is no longer possible to provide the service to another client, except for the Intui client
3 You do not need to save proof of service completion and send a Voucher for each order after completion. All you need to do is scan the code. In the event of a claim from the client that the transfer was not provided, the decision will be made in your favor.

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