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How to meet customers?

1. The client follows the same instruction as yours, the second-third page of pdf file with Nameplate.

2. When you arrive at the meeting point, contact the customer by phone or send information that the driver awaits the customer at the meeting point. Send it via SMS or messengers (WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber)
Be sure to check the following:
Did the flight arrive to the right terminal? Check the terminal of the arrived flight
Did the flight arrive on time?
Were there any changes made at the Order? Check your email
Is your phone available? Maybe the client is trying to call you.

3. If the customer does not show at the meeting point after 15 minutes, call the customer by the specified contact number in the order.
4. Save the screenshot from your phone with dialed calls or messages to the client.

5. If the client did not reply to calls and didn`t come within appointed waiting time to the appointed place according to the order: Call to the customer again before you leave the meeting point.

6. Take a picture of the client`s Nameplate in front of arrival board, for example like this

7. If the pick up point is at the hotel, then take a picture of the client`s Nameplate in front of the facade of the hotel, for example like this

8. If you use GPS-tracking - save the record

9. Send the materials with order number to Intui within 24 hours

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